The Thief: an ocean of experiences in Oslo

Oslo is per se an incredible destination and I am sure that there is no better place to stay than THE THIEF hotel. It was my third time in town and the first time at the property – another wow trip with beloved Preferred Hotels. It is a great pleasure to share all the details with you. Enjoy the ride!

Welcome to The Thief Oslo

Despite being beautiful, clean, developed and extremely wealthy, Oslo is not a city where one can find a lot of good hotels. To be honest, the first time I visited we were quite disappointed with the hotel options we found and even though the trip was awesome we had the feeling that a truly good hotel was still missing.

The Thief neighbourhood

My Mom came to visit me in Switzerland during summer and while searching for a destination which would be “new” for her, I saw THE THIEF at Preferred Hotels website. The rest is history as I booked a room straight ahead and it was the best idea I could have had.

Beautiful Oslo


Finally! Since 2013 Oslo has got a gem to host its visitors. THE THIEF is a fairly clever name, with roots in local history: the hotel is built on Tjuvholmen, which was once a small prison island, colloquially named Thief Island. The name, however, is all that remains of the old prison – The Thief is bright, open and stylish, the sort of place you’re definitely not in any hurry to escape.

The Thief Hotel

The Thief has filled the retreat with top international art pieces, carefully selected designer furniture, global Nordic cuisine, top quality Spa and cosmopolitan cool bars.

Sleek interiors
Fresh flowers all around

Activities vary from refreshing dips in the sea at the Tjuvholmen beach or stroll off the islet across the footbridge to the bustling Aker Brygge restaurants and business area. A sanctuary has never felt so comfortable and secluded yet connected.

Sea side

The atmosphere is young, chic, relaxing and super welcoming. I could not take my eyes off the details during my whole stay – art installations, quirky designer pieces, rich materials and dark colour schemes paired with stylish gold elements totally stole my attention. And my heart. Haha!

Details that matter

We stayed three nights and I could for sure stay longer – would definitely not complain to spend one whole week at The Thief only to enjoy the comfort and stunning panoramic views over the Oslo fjord. So peaceful!

Around and about The Thief island


A topic taken really serious. THIEF Art Space presents the work of today’s emerging contemporary artists which I love to discover (or recognise).

Art all around

Be ready to admire some original art curated by Sune Nordgren, the former director of the Norwegian National Museum, features in all the rooms, including works by Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Magne Furuholmen (of A-ha) as well as from Queen Sonja, the queen of Norway.

Travel + Art

Guests can enter the beautiful Astrup Fearnley Museum, a few steps away from the property, using the room’s card, free of charge.

Astrup Fearnley Museum

Find out everything about the cultural events here.


THE BEST! You can search as long as you want and I guarantee that there will be no better location in the whole city. This is the place to be.

Mos amazing surroundings

I am talking about the most amazing views towards the Oslo Fjords and probably the best point of the best and trendiest area in Oslo – Tjvholmen.

Tjuvholmen island

Tjuvholmen is a newly booming financial & arts-and-culture district, with a fair bit of dining, nightlife and shopping to go along with it. On top of it all, it’s a car-free district, with walking and biking being the principal modes of transportation.

By Renzo Piano

The breathtaking granite, gold and glass structure of the hotel is in between canals and steps away from some of the most famous buildings designed by Renzo Piano and some of the best restaurants of the capital.

The Thief

I could honestly spend days in Oslo without leaving Tjvholmen. During our stay we only took a cab to go to Frogner park. All the other sights we decided to visit were only a short walking distance away from The Thief – including the boats which go around the Fjords.

Oslo Fjords


The 118 rooms all have floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies. The beds are as comfy as they can be, and the bathrooms are spacious. Extras include a Nespresso machine, an iPod docking station, and a radio. Some suites feature a curated selection of artwork and furniture.

Premium Room

We stayed in a Premium Room and I was not ready for the view – AT ALL! When I entered our room I just could not believe what I saw. I have to add that my Mom is usually quite blasé but even she was like OMG!

Room view

Everything was impressive in the room to be honest. It is the perfect hotel for anybody who loves design and architecture. Still, the view was what totally got me. I could spend ours on the balcony just watching the Oslo Fjord, the little boats cruising the canals, people crossing the bridges and the stunning Astrup Fearnley Museum, by Renzo Piano.

Cosy room

I really wanted to swim at the “beach” but even though it was summer time, I had the impression that the water would be quite cold for me – if you are braver than me, you can swim just a few meters from your hotel room.

J’adore amenities
Eau de parfum + body lotion

See every room and suite here.


– Thief Bar

Thief Bar serves up a cosy atmosphere and signature cocktails from award-winning bartenders. It is a sort of meeting hub in the hotel at any time of the day, with guests and locals enjoying a cup of coffee or the fancy cocktails while relaxing in plush armchairs by the fire.

Stylish bar

Felice Capasso is kicking off the season with a tribute to contemporary art.

A drink by the fire

Together with his team, Capasso has drawn inspiration from the famous neighbour, the Astrup Fearnley museum, and the art at The Thief to create bold interpretations to challenge his guests’s senses and the result is a 12-strong collection of unique cocktails. I unfortunately did not have the time to try them all but I totally would. Haha!

Pure design

Find out more about Thief Bar here.

– Thief Foodbar

This is where I wanted to dine every night if I hadn’t felt the pressure to try out different restaurants for my Instagram photos. Hahaha!

Lunch with a view

I believe that the view is one of the best in town, and food is absolutely delicious. Expect an elegant ambience, very laid-back and sympathetic service and waiters that will take you outside to proudly show you some wild strawberries growing in their garden.

Wild strawberries in the garden
Book a table close to the windows

The new head chef, David Taylor, has experience from several Michelin starred restaurants and offers his guests Norwegian cuisine with a surprising – and yummy – British twist and local fresh ingredients. It was really nice to observe the chef working with his team in an open kitchen while we had dinner. Make sure to reserve a table close to the huge windows to get the best of the place.

Chef David Taylor (Foto: Reprodução)

There is no set menu at Thief Foodbar. Food is all about just small, large and sweet plates, so that you can put together a meal of your individual taste and cravings – please order the fresh catches of fish and shellfish.

Catch of the day + Tomato foundue + Lobster butter

Book a table and see the menus here.

– Thief Roof

Good vibes, dj, young crowd, good cocktails, yummy summer snacks and happy people. This defines Thief Roof. There was a pretty cool going on during our stay but it was the day of arrival and besides the flight we were walking the whole day – guess what? We took a shower, got ready to party… and fell asleep. Hahaha! Those regrets in life…


The rooftop is open from April until late autumn depending on weather

Check the vibes here.

– Breakfast

OMG!!! Complete! So well presented and in an atmosphere that is hard to beat!

All set for breakfast

Food is to please the most picky guests and breakfast is truly an experience here. Just imagine that they serve ginger shots!!! Honestly, I had never seen ginger shots in any hotel breakfast before and I was in love.

Ginger shots

Amazing selection of breads, jams, fruits, yoghurts, eggs (prepared in front of our eyes in the open kitchen) and all sort of spreads…


If you are not a breakfast person, go for the design! Hahah! But I mean it. Breakfast is served in a beautiful salon with fresh flowers and pieces of art we normally find in museums. A sensation!

Healthy breakfast
Open kitchen

Book a table here.


Surreal! The way to the spa is already an experience, when guests enter a panoramic elevator which takes us to a tunnel connecting the Spa to the hotel.

The Thief Spa

At arrival, a glass of Ruinart to warm up and that alone is wow as this is one of the best champagnes and get started. The interior is minimalist, sleek, chic and the staff is very welcoming.


We are talking about Nordic Wellness at its best for everybody. As my therapist told me, “Thief Spa has “stolen” the best ideas from spa cultures all over the world and brought them home”. And I believe it as I tried one of the best – and most stylish – hammam experiences of all times.

First hammam in Oslo

The swimming pool is really relaxing and invites for a journey as it changes its colours and presents a roof with little shining stars… We could have spent hours in that place. Beautiful!

One of the best Spas in Norway
Relax in blue…
… Or relax in pink?

Finally, there is a gym but as you know I did not use it.

Thief Gym

See the treatments and therapists here.


All year long. Nevertheless, I would definitely choose European summer to visit Norway in order to enjoy longer and warmer days.

Another angle of our room view


Fly to Oslo and:

1) get a taxi to the hotel (50 minutes ride)

2) take the airport express train (22 minutes) to Oslo Central Station + taxi or 15-minutes walk

3) book The Thief Airport Service, which is a super exclusive service including private car, priority access in the airport and access to the airport lounge.

Guess can “park” their boats right in front of the hotel

See more details here.

This is all, folks. It is totally safe to say THE THIEF stole my heart. For good! An amazing stay, a place to return!

Already missing this place

Got inspired? Book you room with Preferred Hotels here.

Hope you are traveling with me via @marineira.


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