Ron Gastrobar: The ultimate Michelin starred restaurant in Amsterdam

O ovo surpresa matador do Ron Gastrobar

I first visited Ron Gastrobar in Amsterdam some years ago, before I could even imagine that I would end up living in this city. I went with my husband and we had such a great experience that since then I have been recommending this place to everybody who asks about good restaurant in Amsterdam.

After this first time, I returned in two other occasions (and counting) and the word to describe food, service, ambience, etc, etc, etc is “SUPERB”. Last time I was at Ron Gastrobar was last week and it will be a pleasure to tell you in detail how it feels to dine in such a great place, one of the few restaurants in Amsterdam which were awarded a Michelin star.

Ron Blaauw is the name of the young Dutch chef behind Ron Gastrobar. Most of Dutch people know him well as he has participated in several series of the TV show Top Chef. Nevertheless, chef Ron has achieved much more than this: he has, in total, been awarded THREE Michelin stars with his  restaurants.

Top chef Ron Blaauw in action
Top chef Ron Blaauw in action

And in the meantime Ron Gastrobar has branched out and added various derivatives: Ron Gastrobar Oriental, Ron Gastrobar Paris, Ron Gastrobar Indonesia and Ron Gastrobar, the last being the starred one which I am writing about today.

Super top Ron Gastrobar
Super top Ron Gastrobar


First of all, reserve. There hasn’t been one single time that I went to this restaurant or passed in front of it that it was not super crowded. Walk ins are welcome but you run a huge risk of not finding a table. There is a nice patio outside, a cool young bar and a main room + open kitchen in beautiful urban style. My favourite areas are the garden (if the weather is nice) and the main room with a view to the open kitchen – it is pretty cool to watch the action!!!

Beautiful urban elegant interior
Beautiful urban elegant interior

Once you arrive, the hostess will take you to your table. Order a glass of cava or champagne and let the fun begin. 🙂

The menu looks like a newspaper with some rather “smaller” dishes that you can share if you want. The staff – young, casual and very polite – will recommend to order two or three plates per person. Last time I ordered three + dessert and it was a great portion for me. I totally love this type of menu as it gives you the opportunity to experiment more and it is great for people like me, who cannot make a decision sometimes. Haha!

Newspaper style innovative menu
Newspaper style innovative menu

If you don’t speak Dutch, no worries. The menu is also available in English and everybody working at Ron Gastrobar speaks fluent English. Also, the service is very attentive and staff will take the time to explain you everything you have to know (ingredients, cooking method, etc).

Finally, even though you are in a Michelin starred restaurant, the ambience is very relaxed, young and low profile. A total hip lively place without any frills and little formality, still sophisticated and elegant.

The bar at Ron Gastrobar
The bar at Ron Gastrobar

Remember this: Phenomenal Value for money. Unique place!!! Reserve here.


Is there much left to say about food which has been granted one Michelin star? Ron Blaauw uses quality ingredients (normally local) to return to basics and to present pure creative French/international cuisine and flavours that will keep you coming g back to this very original restaurant. Fantastic!!!

My first visit, some years ago
My first visit, some years ago

I have tried some plates and all of them, no exception, were very tasty. Thumbs up to simply everything I ate. The burger was very delicious and I am very thankful that they were able to prepare it exactly how I like it (well done) without compromising the quality of the meat. Same with the blade steak with chorizo gratin. The salmon tartare would melt in our mouths and the tacos, WOW! Everything so so yummy.

Tacos tastier than Mexico
Pork tacos are tastier than in Mexico
The most perfect salmon tartare
Salmon tartare with green herbs from the Ron Gastrobar garden
Angus beef burger to die for
Angus beef burger to die for

Most dishes feature a few products and the flavour of each of them can be definitely tasted. For foodies who need more substance, there is a good variety of cuts of dry age beef and very tasty Japanese Wagyu.

Meat heaven at Ron Gastrobar
Meat heaven at Ron Gastrobar
Hand cut French fries as a side to delicious meat
Hand cut French fries with tarragon mayonnaise

Be ready for BEAUTIFUL food. I love the plaiting at Ron Gastrobar. It is modern, delicate and very creative. Forget old fashion cuisine here. 🙂

Blade steak with chorizo gratin and bonemarrow garlic sauce

There are plenty of vegetarian options like grilled leeks with persillade, beetroot salad with feta, baked zucchini and lovage, braised fennel with saffron butter, among others.

Last but n to least, there is the dessert you cannot leave the restaurant without: The surprise egg Ron Gastrobar. As the name suggests, it is a surprise and I guarantee it tastes like heaven. The waiter will ask you if you want to know in advance what is in it but I always chose to be surprised. Also, be sure it is not a real egg.

The killer surprise egg at Ron Gastrobar
The killer surprise egg at Ron Gastrobar

The wine list is extensive and also presentes great value for money. The staff will help you harmonize!


“It needs to be a constant pleasure for our guests when they stay for drinks and food”, says Ron Blaauw, who has over thirty years of experience in the world of hospitality.

After gaining experience in several restaurants, Ron opened his own restaurant in 1999 – Ron Blaauw. This restaurant was a great success and in 2004 the chef received his first Michelin star. The second star followed in 2006 and Ron took care of his restaurant with great pleasure.

Nevertheless, in 2013 he decided he wanted something else, a new concept, a new challenge where good food would be accessible to everyone. Then, Ron changed his cooking philosophy and turned his two Michelin starred restaurant into a place accessible to everyone – Ron Gastrobar. The concept is that all dishes are of high quality, creative and affordable. Again, Ron Blaauw received a Michelin star  for Ron Gastrobar.

By now, the top chef owns four restaurants (that I mentioned above) with the same concept and different touches. Moreover, Ron also has a hot dog restaurant, The Fat Dog and he is not about to stop as there is a new restaurant named Nacarat to be launched soon and you can already read about it here.

In view of the above, do you still have any doubt that this is one of the coolest and most delicious restaurants in Amsterdam? Find out more about this fantastic place here.

Hope you enjoyed the read. About me? Now I am hungry! Haha!







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