Pulitzer hotel: Dutch elegance in Amsterdam’s top location

Pulitzer has been one of my favourite hotels in Amsterdam even before I stayed in it and the reason is quite simple: the property is all about quintessential Dutch elegance in an intricate maze of 25 connecting Golden Age canal houses which were fully renovated in 2016. I gladly spent a couple of days at Pulitzer some weeks ago and it will be a pleasure to tell you every detail about my wonderful stay – another great trip with Preferred Hotels. Enjoy the ride!

If you follow me on my social channels you already know that Amsterdam is my TOP European city and that I called this lovely town home for almost a year in 2017 – Oh! I deeply miss this time of my life because I totally connect with the city’s atmosphere and its people: relaxed, easygoing, young, party mood, very liberal… It was super hard to leave this place. The good news is that I made good friends, got very familiar with the country and that it is very easy to get there. Yeah!

It was another lovely stay to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Preferred Hotels and I couldn’t have made a better choice than returning to my beloved city staying at its coolest hotel. Get inspired and book your room here to enjoy free upgrades, priority early check-in, late check out (when available) and points for free nights.

Champagne celebration at Pause


Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital (although the seat of the government is The Hague), known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk. Cycling is key to the city’s character and few things can be cooler than exploring the city by bike or by boat, the latter being an activity which I seriously recommend to everybody.

Around and about beautiful Amsterdam


Massive renovations transformed 25 of the photogenic 17th-century edifices along the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht in a five-star hotel complex which offers contemporary comfort without smoothing its idiosyncrasies entirely away – in rooms, LCD flatscreens and plush curvilinear seating come to terms with old-world slanted walls, dark wood beams, hardwood flooring, vintage telephones, collectors items and paneled accents.

Welcome to Pulitzer Hotel

On the one hand you have marble bathrooms with fog-resistant mirrors while on the other, picturesque views of the elegant courtyard gardens and terraces or of the beautiful canals.

Some of the renovated canal houses at Pulitzer

The Pulitzer is a unique blend of up-market, traditional and modern Dutch craftsmanship hidden amongst the city’s iconic canals featuring intimate guest rooms, tranquil inner gardens, meeting & event spaces, a garden café, a hotel bar, a games room, pieces of art and a restaurant that serves simple yet beautifully crafted dishes – a place that makes us feel in total connection with the city while enjoying unparalleled comfort and modernity in a little typical neighbourhood (yup! Pulitzer made me feel as if I was in a little private neighbourhood).

Peace in the heart of the city

The hotel name, Pulitzer, refers to Peter, grandson of the journalism prize’s founder and obsessive fan of the town’s stately old canal houses, who invested his money to “save” the houses from ruining.

So Dutch


THE BEST! I really mean it! Pulitzer is located between two of the most important canals in town, the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht, with a magnificent view of the Anne Frank church and only two blocks away from my former home in Amsterdam. There was a clear reason why I chose to live in this area: it is the coolest! Jordaan and The Nine Streets are the youngest and most upscale locations to find hip alternative shops, bookshops, little cafes and some of my preferred restaurants – Jansz (in the hotel), Envy, Occo Brasserie, Pluk Cafe, Vinkeles, Blue Pepper, Bussia, De Belhamel, Pause (in the hotel), etc.

Amazing views

But don’t get me wrong – the majority of the most famous museums and attractions can still be reached by foot. The hotel is actually in the heart of the city and a great place to connect with locals as they also love to enjoy sunny days populating the beautiful canals.

Sunset in Jordaan, a few meters from our hotel

During our stay we decided to remain “local” and hardly left our neighborhood. We enjoyed nice walks around the canals, engaged in serious cafe-hopping with great friends and took it very, very easy as we wanted to relax.

Cute corners at Pulitzer

I didn’t make use of it, but Pulitzer offers bikes which guests can rent to feel like a real Dutch. Haha!


Whatever room or suite you choose, it will have a residential and cosy feel which is characteristic to Pulitzer and it will be unique, as rooms/suites differ from each other throughout the property.

Cosy residential feel

I would recommend the suites because they are more spacious but the rooms are also very cute and some offer views of the canals.

Orchids at arrival

We staid in a Garden Suite which was simply WOW! I had seen some photos before but it was so much nicer than I expected. At that point, when I entered the suite, I was sure that an amazing experience was about to start. And I was right!

Missing this bed

We had around 50 m2 divided into a living room, a bedroom and a very spacious all white marble bathroom with a bath, a walk-in shower and…

Fog-resistant mirrors

Le Labo amenities! I LOVE this brand and the products feel great for my hair. One of those lovely cases when we don’t have to pack our shampoo and conditioner. Hehe!

Le Labo Amenities

Arrival amenities were the sweetest: a hand written letter, flavoured water, a bottle of sparkling wine, the yummiest macaroons by Pause Cafe, water by cool Marie-Stella-Maris (this made me feel at home because we love this Dutch water) and some typical dutch biscuits. Lovely!


And well, all of that beautifully displayed on a table with a great view of our private garden. Honestly, I immediately felt at home and my only sorrow was that Andy was not there to enjoy the experience with me (no worries, he finally made it to Amsterdam later that day).

Lovely views of our garden

The suite is so full of details that it took me some days to realize all of them. First detail which called my attention was the vintage phone which I actually wanted to take home. Hahaha!

Vintage touches

Details were precious but well, nothing could have prepared me for the garden! Imagine to have a peaceful private garden with some pieces of art and a perfect view to the Westerkerk church, which is the most beautiful church in Amsterdam and famous for being the place where Rembrandt was buried and also the church Anne Frank used as a reference (the bells) to know the time while she was hiding with her family during the dark days of German occupation and the Holocaust.

Stunning views

Te Extraordinary Suites are on my list for the next visit. These surreal suites are custom crafted and curated for the Pulitzer by the best curators and collectors. Guests can choose between the Book Collector’s Suite, the Antique Collector’s Suite, the Art Collector’s Suite, the Music Collector’s Suite and the Pulitzer Suite. Most of them offer a private entrance and a collection of art or books. Impressive!

our suite from another angle

See all the suites here.


A deep passion for elegant culinary craftsmanship can be felt at first sight at Pulitzer. Pause, Jansz. and Pulitzer’s Bar form a very competent trio which could keep any guest entertained for days. Take care! Haha!

Great options


I am very familiar with Jansz., as this was one of our favourite places when we lived in the neighbourhood. I admit that we don’t cook and go out for dinner quite frequently – if I would “allow” it, Andy would dine at Jansz every day – he goes nuts for the meat balls, the truffle orecchiette, the tuna and the salmon.

Perfect salmons at Jansz.

Jansz. is simply great! The staff is very young and sympathetic while food is all about old classics reinterpreted with a Dutch easygoing attitude.


Not only the cuisine is outstanding, the interior is very beautiful and we can enjoy tables in the street or with a view of the canal on sunny days.

Fresh Truffles pasta

This is for sure not a “tourist place” as locals and people living nearby are also habitués, as we were.

Beautiful interior

Breakfast is served until 11.00 am (loooove late breakfasts) at Jansz. and is a pure work of art which will please any and each guest – there are all sort of yogurts, fruits, cereals, breads and fresh juices (sparkling wine as well).


Hot meals can be ordered à la carte and are prepared in the beautiful open kitchen on spot. Try Eggs Benedict – which are cooked to perfection! All of that with a view of the canals, guys! Can I stay forever?

So tasty

Read more about Jansz here and reserve a table.

Pulitzer’s Bar

A timeless classic in Amsterdam! Cocktails are yummy, champagne doesn’t stop coming and the view is one of the most amazing – of the canals. It is a place of calm in the chaos of the city and the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some classic drinks.

A classic

We loved to end our days here after a nice dinner. The perfect vibe to cool down with a nice view after a busy day.


Always busy and locals love it.

More about Pulitzer’s Bar story here.


I love this garden cafe!!! It is almost unbelievable finding such a beautiful and calm garden right in the middle of a vibrant city.

Hidden gem

The cafe is beautiful inside with green plush chairs and a golden bar and even more special outside in the garden where we literally enjoy a coffee under the trees and with a view of two churches.

So peaceful

Such an amazing place, and snacks are also delicious. Try the sweets and salty options with no risk of going wrong.

Love the green and gold combo

A sort of hidden heaven for guests and non-guests alike to recharge and unwind, it works to enjoy with friends or to read a book, always surrounded by striking canal houses that form the hotel. So so nice! A hidden gem!

Beautiful interiors


Amsterdam is not the real Amsterdam if you don’t see it from the water! This is for sure the coolest and best way to explore the city, to enjoy the most stunning views.

Impressive Amsterdam by boat

And, how convenient, Pulitzer offers two unique vessels to do just that.

Find out more about the boats and reserve your tour here.


Tourist is Pulitzer’s salon boat from 1909 which has all the classic characteristics we could expect: polished teak and brass, traditional carpeting, marble, leather and beveled glass.

While we wait for our boat

Tourist departs daily at 5 pm and there is an extra departure at 11 am Thursday to Sunday. The cruise lasts 75 minutes and the main parts of the canals are covered.

No better way to see Amsterdam than by boat

Tourist can be also rented exclusively and the hotel offers all sort of options to enjoy this unforgettable ride.

“Tourist” sailing


Belle is for private tours only and the style of the trip is totally personalised: it can be a meal, can be a pic nic, a champagne cruise or whatever comes into our minds. I didn’t give it a go but I confess that I really wanted it. Next time!

Exclusive Belle


Top concierge team! I mainly spoke to Jasper Dondorp, who was not only very knowledgeable about Amsterdam and everything which matters in town but also very flexible to understand that we would change our minds quite fast! Ops!

Details that matter in the Lobby

We decided to follow his advice and try something new in town for dinner and all I can say is that we did not regret it even for a second.

Thank you, Jasper! 🙂

Amazing interior at Pulitzer’s Lobby

As you can see, I am that type of person: even when I know a place quite well, I go and check the concierge ideas. So much can happen in a city as Amsterdam… and when the concierge is good you can be sure that he will be up to date – something I normally realize within the first minutes of talk.

Sunny days at Pulitzer

Last but not least, there is a cute Games Room in the hotel that can be very handy in a rainy day, as well as a beautiful Library.

Games Room

The entrance is filled with flowers in a cute bag which are perfect for Instagram photos and so sweet… Not to mention the amount of art that we can find around the whole hotel.

So sweet

It was a stay meeting my high expectations: Pulitzer is an experience per se in the coolest and most vibrant European city.

One of the hotel entrances

I will definitely return!

I see flowers in you

Hope you are traveling with me @marineira on Instagram.


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