Maldives – Blue Paradise

I start this blog posting about one of my favorite destinations on earth: the Maldives!! It is not by chance that many couples choose a resort in this country to spend their honeymoon. But believe me, this is not a place only for honeymooners – for instance, I have been twice on a “normal” vacation and there are hotels fitting every taste.

The Republic of Maldives is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean, pretty close to Sri Lanka and India. It consists of more than 1990 coral islands, grouped in 26 atolls. The official religion is the Islam. But guests are absolutely free to wear bikinis, consume alcohol, etc. in the hotels, which are often pretty secluded, on private islands (one resort per island).

Maldives aerial view
Maldives aerial view

Malé is the capital and I flew there both times I was in the Maldives. From this city, it is normal to catch another plane (often hydroplane) or a boat to get to the hotel of choice. On my first visit, I picked Velassaru Hotel ( and only took a private boat to the resort island. Second time, I chose Six Senses Laamu ( and had to take another flight. I will post about each of these hotels but I can already say that my second experience was much more special than the first – first because Six Senses Laamu is a better hotel than Velassaru and second because I highly recommend to stay far from Malé because biodiversity gets a way richer when far from the capital and the rubbish island.

Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu


The resorts are placed on private islands and the only contact with locals might be with the hotel staff, which not seldom, live within the resort, in a central and closed area – a detail most guests do not even realize. In the hotels one will find everything: a variety of restaurants, a spa, doctors for emergencies, pools, bars, open air cinemas, spots for private dinners and aquatic activities. There is also a vast option of suites, from stand rooms to pool villas with a private beach or the famous villas over the water, with or without a pool. Check if the hotel of your choice has corals because diving/snorkeling with coral sharks, turtles and stingrays is absolutely fantastic!img_3331


Temperatures in the Maldives are high all year long, and the sea water is relatively warm. Nevertheless, pay attention to the rainy season, which can be quite different from one island to another. High season, considered the driest time, ranges from November to April. For example, I visited the Maldives twice in September and was always lucky with the weather.

It is important to point out that some travelers are only interested in diving, and for those who do also travel on a tight budget it might be the best option to choose one of the many simple hotels located in Malé or one of the islands where locals live.

I have just returned from this paradise and have to admit that I am already dreaming of my next time. No photo makes justice to the pristine waters, rosé sunsets and green tropical forests of this paradise!

Six Senses Laamu
Six Senses Laamu



  • People flying from South America and Africa will need an international certificate  of vaccination against Yellow Fever.
  • Internal flights and boats are normally organized by the hotels.
  • More info at
  • Most of the hotels are child friendly. Ask in advance.
Pool at Six Senses Laamu


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  1. I enjoyed following you on your last trip here via Instagram. I enjoyed your Insta stories that virtually showed us the food area; couple massage area and even your own personal paradise backyard to the sea!! You showed us your bike riding; the locals’s entertainment and your hotel room! Even though I have never been there; through you I felt like I had! You give so generously, muchas gracias; you certainly covered the attraction in great detail.

      1. Hahahaha…aaaaw that’s nice! I would make a great witness lol. I even remember the floors in the dining room were see-through in to the sea, pero, it made me feel a little sea sick. Lol. No, no señora, eres incredible. I have gained so much because of you! Do you see that if I am only one follower that follows yr stories etc and I am enlightend, just think of how many other lives yr travels and commentaries have uplifted!! I know and can imagine the huge time and effort it takes to report all this which is why I like to say thank you! Xoxo

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