L’Assiette Champenoise is the starred experience in Champagne

This stay was a dream coming true to me. L’Assiette Champenoise is a place I always wanted to visit. First time I heard about it was during a trip to Champagne some years ago, when a champagne producer told me that this was the best and most exclusive hotel and restaurant in the region. I finally spent three nights in the property last month only to conclude that this statement is absolutely true. Enjoy the ride!


Champagne! One of France’s most sparkling regions

Fancy some bubbles? Champagne is the place. It is true that many other regions around the globe produce very good sparkling wine, but the most famous brands and the method which classifies all the other sparkling wines are from Champagne. By law (Geographical Indication), only the drink which is produced here, following the local rules, can be called champagne.

I have been to Champagne a couple of times. I love this place and I will tell you everything you have to know in order to enjoy each second of your trip. Enjoy the ride!