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Surreal Bio Hotel and Spa in Tirol, right at the feet of Wilder Kaiser mountain. And when I say “surreal”, guys, I mean it! The iconic hotel Stanglwirt counts more than a century of tradition and in 2016 has been listed by Condé Nast Traveler magazine among the 147 best hotels in the world (the only one in Austria) and was also voted one of the 10 best resorts in Europe. I have been there, had an amazing time and will tell you everything!

Arriving at Stanglwirt Bio Hotel ( is like being back in time, in the Alps, in great style: the staff is dressed in beautiful alpine clothes, the hotel interior is very typical (wonderful!) and even though the resort is huge, there is this family warm reception because the place has been managed and owned by the same family, the Hausers, for more than 100 years.

Our suite amenities - What a reception!
Our suite amenities – What a reception!

Our suite was very spacious and had a living room, a huge balcony with a view to the mountains and some pools, had a fireplace, two bathrooms and a big sleeping room. Needless to say we felt at home and that the staff took care of every detail to please us.

The living room in our suite at Stanglwirt Bio Hotel
The living room in our suite at Stanglwirt Bio Hotel

Just as it is a true temple of tranquility for the body, mind and soul, the hotel offers tones of activities for those who are very active There are many swimming pools (indoor, outdoor, warm, cold, salty, natural water, olympic, nudist, etc), outdoor and indoor tennis courts, golf classes, ski classes, horse riding classes, jacuzzis, a fancy spa, all sort of saunas, amazing restaurants serving local and international food and a cool bar open until late at night playing live music. All of that in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere, with a view to legendary Wilder Kaiser mountain.

Sports pool
Sports pool

Each time of the year is an ideal time to relax in this paradise – I went in September, it was a little bit cold, there was snow on top of the mountains but it was still possible to hang around in the sun wearing a bikini. Nevertheless, I really want to return during winter, when there is heavy snow. I have seen some photos and it looks so fantastic. Also, I love the feeling of relaxing in a warm pool outside, observing the snow, all white. Moreover, the hotel is only some minutes driving from Kitzbühel (or “Kitz”), the super fancy ski resort in Austria, one of the coolest in Europe and Stanglwirt is THE place to be for the aprés-ski. So, warm or cold, it is worth the visit, always combined with a stop at charming medieval Kitzbühel city and a ride to the top of Hahnenkamm mountain, where the Streif – the most dangerous ski slope – is located. But this will be a topic for another post.

Salty warm pool
Salty warm pool

So, let’s talk about food? There are many restaurants and I have been to all. Honestly?! Hard to choose. Your meal can be à la carte, a tasting menu or a buffet. It is possible to reserve VIP rooms, which are carefully decorated with flowers and personalized items – this is was our option for our first night when we enjoyed the 8 courses menu with friends. Food (mainly Austrian) was superb, service sympathetic and  the setting of the table and place beautiful.

I also loved the Cow Barn restaurant, a trademark for Stanglwirt for many years, where you dine as close as it gets to the cows and calves. What an experience! (Note: the cows are not there full time, check in advance).

Truffle chicken Austrian style at Gaststube
Truffle chicken Austrian style at Gaststube

After dinner there was always live music in the main bar, which was a lot of fun. This bar, as the restaurants, are open to non-guests and one night even a bride showed up to dance a little bit.

Party mood bar - empty because I took the photo during the day
Party mood bar – empty because I took the photo during the day

For those who like riding horses, this is just like the perfect place – the Stanglwirt hotel holds the first private Lipizzaner riding school in Austria (the famous white horses associated with the Spanish School in Vienna) and it is possible to explore the hotel and surroundings riding a horse. But attention! Book that a way in advance.

Lipizzaner horses - well known for reproducing "haute école" movements
Lipizzaner horses – well known for reproducing “haute école” movements

We spent some wonderful days in this resort, very relaxing and energizing. After all I wrote there is no need to say that I fell in love. Hospitality, structure, services, restaurants… all as it should be.

Below some more photos of an amazing time:

Typical alpine architecture. This is one of the restaurants at Stanglwirt
Typical alpine architecture
Piscina das crianças
Kids pool
My cute neighbors
My cute neighbors
Oasis of energy
Oasis of energy

You know those places you are sure you will always be back? The Stanglwirt Bio Hotel is certainly one of them!

Let’s shine!


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    1. Correct! Really amazing hotel!
      The time to stay depends on your possibility – I could easily stay a week cause the hotel offers lots of activities like golf, horse riding, walks… not to mention the amazing and relaxing pools and Spa. You can combine the visit with some cool skiing during the winter as well. At night it is certainly a hot spit as well! Enjoy!

  1. Again, following you on The Stanglwirt Bio Hotel was great! Your Insta stories always very informative! I remember the views of the moubtains from your room to the balcony! What a wonderful view; peaceful and serene and even refreshing! I enjoyed the horse and the sheep! The pool waa a great feature too! I liked the home lines of the cabins! It waa really like a home away from home. Muchas gracias again Marina for all your hard-work! not a traveller and so feel very fortunate that by following you vicariously, I feel like I had personally been there! It’s a great retreat.

    1. Dear Tina,
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for following all my trips, always with an intelligent comment to add. We should meet one day! 😉
      And yup, this hotel was superb!
      Gracias guapa!

  2. Wow this Hotel looks lovely!!
    There are hotels that are a destination by itself.. This one looks like one of them. I really enjoy this combination of traditional and nature. Austrian hospitality is amazing and in this hotel it looks like they bring it up to the next level.
    Thanks for sharing.. Next time I go to Austria I ‘ll consider it as one of my options.

  3. OMG, what a charming hotel! It is so perfect in many ways… I love this huge swimming pool with a beautiful view of the mountains! I wanna go there now! hehe
    Very nice post 🙂

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