Beau-Rivage Palace: cultural heritage and modernity in Lausanne

Since 1861, Beau-Rivage Palace has been proving that tradition and innovation – just like cultural heritage and modernity – can complement each other very well. The property is synonym of Switzerland’s typically excellent hospitality and it was maybe the most amazing Grand Hotel I have ever visited. I admit that explaining its grandeur is a hard task. It will be a pleasure to share my impressions with you. Enjoy the ride!

Beau Rivage Palace is one of the few remaining traditional grand hotels in Europe. Visiting its premises made me feel I was back in time. and I couldn’t avoid falling in love with the beauty of its gardens, the interiors, the mesmerising views… More than a hotel, Beau Rivage Palace is a living evidence that class and elegance are timeless and can age very well combined with modernity.

Antique + Modern


Classed as one of the best hotels in Europe, it is made up of two buildings connected by the so-called La Rotonde, built in 1908, where pieces of art are constantly on display – during our visit we had the pleasure to have Botero’s “Dancers” as our neighbours. At this time of the year something really special might have already replaced it.

Botero rocking the Lobby

One day at the hotel was enough to prove its status as a city hub. So many things happen on the property: some of the best restaurants in town are located in the hotel, the best spa and, last but not least, some of the most amazing views of Lake Geneva can be fetched at the Beau-Rivage Palace. It is a popular place among tourists as well as locals – I realised many Swiss were around for a coffee, to have a nice dinner or to enjoy some cocktails at the fancy bar. I could not avoid thinking about how powerful this “brand” is.

Feels like I am back in time

Moreover, Beau-Rivage Palace is one of the few hotels which are still family owned – it belongs to the very traditional Sandoz family. Also, it is an institution not only in Lausanne but on a national level. Whenever I told my Swiss friends that I was going to spend a couple of days at Beau Rivage Palace, all of them had a great comment, story or remark to add. We are talking about history! So many historical moments have taken place on its grounds. For example, in 1923 the Treaty of Lausanne was signed at the Beau Rivage Palace.

Breathtaking Interiors at Beau-Rivage Palace

Finally, as if it wasn’t enough to be part of the super exclusive club The Leading Hotels of the World, Beau-Rivage Palace is also a member of prestigious Swiss Deluxe Hotels.

Magical garden at Beau-Rivage Palace

See more about Beau-Rivage Palace here.


Ideally situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage Palace is nestled in a natural beauty spot just a stone’s throw (10 minutes) away from the centre of Lausanne, in the posh Ouchy district.

Beau-Rivage Palace and Lake Geneve, in Ouchy

The view to the lake and the Alps are unbelievable. We had an amazing time just walking around the hotel’s four hectare large garden and splendid terrace, as well as by the lake. We also walked to the city centre and the way is really pleasant.

I can’t get enough of this garden, at Beau-Rivage Palace

This is for sure the best located hotel in Lausanne and if you are looking for stunning views, you have found the place to be.

View from our balcony

Book a room or suite with a lake view!!! PLEASE! I am sure that each and every room at Beau-Rivage is amazing and beautifully decorated. Still, nothing beats waking up with a full view to the lake + the French Alps and a private balcony to enjoy it. Surreal.

Fresh flowers in our suite

We stayed in a Junior Suite and this means a spacious bathroom, with two sinks, a bathroom tv, a bath and a walk-in shower, a very spacious room with plenty of mirrors (which brought the lake even closer to us), a desk and a large separate lounge. Never forget, of course, the splendid view of Lake Geneva from the big balcony.

wake up to this

The welcoming amenities were the greatest we could have had. It totally sounds like people read my mind and they had one of my favorite champagnes (Santé, Roederer!) and some delicious treaties made by the chef himself with some yummy Swiss cheese. Tell me about attention to details!

Welcome amenities

The suite was beautiful and very unique – it had a traditional yet modern and fresh feeling. Perfect! I fell in love with the huge chandelier we had over our bed.

Each suite is different at Beau-Rivage Palace

Some other facilities that might be of interest are: Jacuzzi upon request, free internet access, wide choice of pillows on request, complimentary products from the Bulgari Thé Rouge range, interconnecting rooms upon request.

I could stare at this view forever

Our bathroom was huge, with a bath, a walk-in shower, double sink and a TV that we used to watch while brushing our teeth just because (I normally don’t watch tv). As I have previously mentioned, amenities are  Bulgari Thé Rouge and replaced twice or even three times a day.

Bulgari amenities

See all the rooms and suites here.


There are ten – yes, you read it right – restaurants and bars at Beau-Rivage Palace and I unfortunately didn’t have the time to try all of them. But well, this might be an amazing excuse to return, right?! 🙂

– Miyako

This was my favorite among the restaurants I visited at Beau Rivage and for sure the best Japanese joint I have been in Switzerland so far. I found it so special and delicious that I decided to write a separate article about it. Stay tuned and have a little taste of Miyako here.

Chef Ramon in action

– Café Beau-Rivage

A classic! We are talking about one of the most traditional and best brasseries in Lausanne. We tried the amazing grilled veal escalope + risotto with Sicilian lemon. Service is attentive and very sympathetic – the maitre, Mr. Boutellier, took great care of us and we had a long nice talk about typical Swiss food and Swiss wine. Very relaxed yet elegant ambience. The menu of the day is always a good option. See the complete yummy menu here.

Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got love in my tummy

– Anne -Sophie Pic

Probably the best creative kitchen in Lausanne and its region. Two Michelin stars to this gourmet restaurant, which is run by the famous French chef after whom it is named. You want to check it out? Make sure you make a reservation! As we decided our trip pretty much in the last minute, we did not find availability – we left our names in a sort of waiting list and still… nothing! So, BOOK well ahead of time! Find out more and reserve your table here.

– La Terrasse

LOVE IT!!!!! This is where a super complete buffet breakfast is served and I found it terrific to start the day with a view of the beautiful surroundings. There are plenty of options for every taste and presentation is awesome.

Modern meets tradition

The Sunday brunch is a must, from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and it is possible to combine the meal with a morning at the Spa. Click here to find out more.

Yummy brunch

– L’Accademia

Part of the Angleterre & Residence hotel partner, L’Accademia offers authentic Italian cuisine in a laid back environment. It is only a few steps from Beau Rivage Palace. See the menu here.

– Ô Terrace

A gourmet break on the terrace at the Spa. I did not check it because I visited the hotel during winter time.

Spa vibrations

– Château d’Ouchy

Located directly on the banks of Lake Geneva, the restaurant offers seasonal and balanced meals consisting of market-fresh vegetables, wild fish, farm meats, artisanal cheeses and fresh desserts. The fillet of bass – a signature fish of Lake Geneva – is well known. Check the menu here.

– Lobby Lounge

The beautiful lobby is a true meeting point. It was always busy during our whole stay. And when I say busy, I mean it in a great way: afternoon tea with delicious sweets, tea, champagne (you can name any of the best ones) and happy people siting inside and outside to enjoy live piano music and a gorgeous view to the lake and the mountains. The afternoon tea takes place every weekend from 2pm to 6pm and you can find out more here.

Champagne room at the Lobby

ATTENTION!!! From the 1st of December, it is possible to enjoy a Ruinart champagne aperitif in a transparent cylinder, fitted out like heavenly mountain chalets, while watching g the mountains or the stars. Until February 25.

– Bar

This is where we ended every single night we spent at Beau Rivage Palace. Don’t think it is a bar only for hotel guests – locals also love it! Nice music, incredible cocktails and retro chic style create the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic night. There is live modern music some days of the week. See details here and believe me: you really don’t have to leave the hotel to party in style. Haha!

Best Old Cuban on earth


The type of spa that makes us speechless for a while. Beautiful, really bright, comfy, clean… the perfect place to relax or exercise. What I hate about it? I gave up on lots of places that I wanted to visit to stay in this spa – I simply got addicted to it. Hahahaha!

Dream Spa

There are two heated swimming pools – an outdoor swimming pool of 20 metres mirroring an indoor pool of 18 metres – located at the entrance to the spa area. Next to the indoor pool, there is also a jacuzzi, in which guests can relax in-between doing lengths of the pool. The spa area opens onto the hotel’s four-hectare park providing a pleasant natural light and offering views of Lake Geneva.

Comfy jacuzzi

Facilities are: “Tropical rain walk” in the changing area, gym with panorama windows onto Lake Geneva, hairdressing and hair treatments with Shū Uemura products, separate hammams for men and women, separate sauna for men and women, two outdoor tennis courts (possible to book classes).

Best Spa in Lausanne

The list of treatments and rituals will make you dream and I deeply recommend it.

Waiting room at the Spa
Gym with a view


We took a train from Zurich to Lausanne (2 hours) and a driver from the hotel was waiting for us at the train station for a short ride to the hotel.

Beau-Rivage Palace is approximately a 40-minute drive from Geneva International Airport (GVA).

Spa dream


All year long. It might be beautiful during summer and it was gorgeous during winter. The hotels offers plenty of great activities all year long either for families or couples looking for romance. 🙂

Missing this pink sunsets

Well, I have to admit that I am now a bit depressed as I write this post from my room at home. Why hasn’t anybody yet invented a machine which can take us back in time??? My days at Beau Rivage Palace are certainly some I would love to repeat. It was peaceful, invigorating, rejuvenating and also very romantic. Already planning to go back during summer to finish the amazing list of activities which the concierge compiled for us.

Reserve your room here. And enjoy!


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