7132 Hotel: architectural masterpiece in Vals, Switzerland

There is no other way I could start this blog post than by writing the word that better describes this trip: DREAM! It is with great pleasure that I will describe every detail of this amazing place and the fantastic days we spent in the Swiss Alps to celebrate Preferred Hotel’s 50th anniversary. Enjoy the ride!

First time I heard about 7132 Hotel was a while ago, when the property was being totally refurbished. What called my attention was the fact that the architects involved are some of my favourite ones nowadays. I am talking about Swiss Peter Zumthor, Japanese Tadao Ando, Japanese Kengo Kuma and American Thom Mayne. Look at this team!!! This is why their project at 7132 Hotel is called The House of Architects. Also, it is never too much to mention that Zumthor, Ando and Mayne are Pritzker prize-winners.

Architecture at its best

Since I moved to Switzerland I have been really in the mood to get to know this beautiful country better and after spending some months in South America I was glad to be back home and searching for a nice place to travel during Easter Holidays. While looking after some inspiration at Preferred Hotels website, guess what I found… YEAH! 7132 was right in front of my eyes and the website had a lot of good deals to celebrate Preferred Hotels’s 50th anniversary. It was just the right opportunity! By the way, go ahead and book your room at 7132 Hotel here.

Pool goals


A masterpiece. Therme Vals, the thermal baths designed by Peter Zumthor, have long been regarded as a gem, the sort of place where architecture and design junkies make pilgrimages to commune with the quartzite temple that houses the geothermic waters. And now, in Hotel 7132, this charming village has a hotel that’s worthy of sharing space with the famous spa.

Perfect blend between nature and design

7132 is the only hotel with direct access to the baths and, even cooler, it offers some hours of the day (specially at night) only for its guests. But this is a topic that I found so special that I will mention in detail later.

Mystical guest’s exclusive mornings at 7132 Hotel

Moreover, keep in mind that 7132 is a five stars SUPERIOR. Think luxury, style, state of the art cuisine and service. It is the perfect gateawat for privacy and for relaxing. As Andrea, the super attentious manager told me, it is the right place to find Peace.

Peaceful Minimalism by Peter Zumthor

The majority of the guests were couples during our stay but we also saw some families and there are plenty of activities for the small ones.


We went from Zurich by car and I have to admit that the road was already driving me crazy – I wanted to photograph everything. Hahaha! 7132 is placed in the heart of nature and surrounded by the purest Grisons mountain air.

7132 Hotel surroundings, in Vals

The name of the city is Vals, a pretty mountain village witch is home of 1000 inhabitants and is an hour drive to the south-west of Chur, the capital of the Grisons. It is a small, cheerful world by itself, a long way from mass tourism and everyday stress. Vale is a Walser German-speaking island in the Romansh Lumnezia valley. The community, which was settled by German-speaking people from the Valais region backing the 13th century, retains an original charm all of its own. This is partly because the traditional Walser style is preserved in buildings across every part of the village. The Walser people are also proud of the fact that they speak Swiss German.

Around and about in Vals

Surrounded by mountains
Majestic glacier pics, the archaic mountain scenery and the wild Vals Rhine form an spectacular backdrop with everything one need to relax and recuperate or get out and get some exercise at anytime of the year.

Alpine fever

During our stay (some days around Easter time), we were the luckiest because we were able to enjoy some heavy snow at the time of our arrival and also sunny beautiful days by the time we were leaving. This was just amazing because we saw how this beautiful hotel looks like when it is surrounded by snow or when the sun is shining and the grass is green. I was so so happy about it.

Magical room view

My favorite time to visit? This is absolutely impossible to answer. When I first saw the snow I thought that nothing could beat it but afterwords when the snow melted and the sun came in I just couldn’t believe how lively and beautiful the scenery was. This is the sort of hotel that you pretty much can enjoy at anytime of the year.

Finding peace


Luxury and design hotel in one. 7132 stands for exclusive lifestyle and an exceptional spatial experience created by world-class architects.

Fresh flowers at arrival

There is no way to go wrong in this property. Nevertheless, I would deeply recommend to book a suite in the new building. Not only because of the views, which are better from this part of the hotel but also because the rooms are newer and more spacious.

Choose this building 🙂

We stayed in a beautiful Spa Suite and as soon as I entered it I realized that I would be in deep trouble when I had to leave and face reality. Hahaha! We had 90 m² divided into a comfy living room, a sleeping room, two toilets, a steam bath, a huge balcony with an amazing panoramic view, a beautiful bath, 3 flatscreen TVs, a walk-in closet, a walk-in shower… And all of that controlled by voice or buy an iPad that we could find in every corner of our suite. There were so many commands for beautiful lighting that at a certain point I gave up and allowed Andy to play with that. Haha! He apparently had an amazing time.

Our living room
Living and sleeping room
Super comfy bed and walk in closet
Our Suite highlight

Welcoming amenities are WOW! Mini bar is free of charge and most important: we had a bottle of one of my favorite champagnes waiting for us paired with yummy house made chocolate. As you can imagine, it started how I like it. Yay!


Amenities in the suites are ESPA and replaced… I don’t even know how many times to be honest because room service was so attentive and so fast that they were replacing everything (products, towels, shoes, etc) plenty of times a day and we didn’t even realize it.

ESPA Amenities

Another detail that made us fall in love is that at a certain point we opened a little container witch we thought that was a rubbish bin and guess what? It was totally full of never ending chocolate to celebrate Easter. Bad luck for people trying to be on a diet like me and a huge moment for people who love chocolate as my husband. Hahaha!

Room view by night

In the House of Architects by 7132 (the refurbished building right beside of ours) it is possible to choose to stay in a room designed by Ando, Zumthor, Mayne or Kuma and each of these brilliant architects worked in a different style. So fantastic! Still, take my advice and book a suite in the new building. I repeat and repeat and repeat…


We did not stay in it but the Presidential Suites by Kuma are pure delight from what I saw in the pictures. The room size is 400 m², views are breathtaking and helicopter and limousine transfer are included. Click here to see it.


The thermal baths are a magnificent, internationally acclaimed architectural masterpiece created by Peter Zumthor. Made from 60,000 slabs of Vals quartzite, the thermal baths were classified as a listed building shortly after completion, in 1996.

Indoor pool

The unique atmosphere and the highly mineralised water that comes out of St. Peter’s spring at a pleasant 30° Celsius makes the time we spend in the baths a deeply relaxing experience. Especially if combined with a revitalising ESPA treatment at the Spa.

Minimalist Spa

This is the most beautiful and most amazing bath I have ever been in my whole life. Not only the architecture and design are breathtaking but also nature around it makes the whole experience unforgettable. Moreover, I deeply appreciate how the hotel guarantees it’s guests privacy. As you can imagine I love taking photos and I go totally crazy when I am in such a beautiful place like the Vals therms. Nevertheless, I totally respected the no picture/film policy and I was very grateful that the hotel would allow me to enter the pools very early in the morning or later at night, when it was already closed.

Golden details

7132 is the only hotel providing direct access to the baths. Also, early in the morning and late at night (my favourite times) the bath is for exclusive use of guests. Please make sure to go moon watching at night. It is an experience of a lifetime – Only guests are allowed in from 11 at night until 1 in the morning and no sound is allowed (right! People cannot talk at all). This means that we stay outside, inside the warm water, watching the moon to appear from behind the mountains which are covered by snow – totally in silence. Only the sound of animals, nature and water can be heard. Believe it or not I had tears in my eyes. We did it three times and in our last time it started snowing as the moon was showing up in the sky. Surreal!

Not the best photo but an amazing moment

Thermal baths facilities are: 

  • Indoor pool 32°C
  • Outdoor pool 36°C (winter) 30-33°C (summer)
  • Fire pool 42°C
  • Ice pool 14°C
  • Blossom pool 33°C
  • Spring grotto 35°C
  • Sound stone
  • Drinking stone
  • Sweating stone
  • Steaming stone
  • 3 relaxation rooms
  • Blow-drying room
Indoor pool

Spa Facilities are:

  • Consultation area and boutique
  • 5 spacious treatment rooms
  • 1 treatment room for couples
  • 1 skin clinic room
  • 1 water massage room
  • 1 hair salon with manicure and pedicure room
  • Relaxation areas
Couple massage and design

Last but not least, the new gym features the latest machines for a complete work-out. Its well-conceived interior design helps give you that extra boost. Right?! #not

Bath + Snow + Relax


There are four restaurants in the property and each of them offers different and unique cuisine.

Of course I tried them all and I was very glad to see that the restaurants deliver exactly what they propose and even better.

7132 Blue Bar

The good thing is that there is a different restaurant for different moods and different types of meals. It can be fancy, romantic, relaxed, healthy, haute cuisine… You name it.

At 7132 Hotel they say “fine cuisine for fine guests” or “Gastronomy for connoisseurs”. And you know what? I can only agree with those statements.

– 7132 Silver Restaurant

Enjoy the stars! When a 2-star chef and the Sommelier of the year work together in perfect harmony, the food is exquisite and so are the wines. Silver restaurant is a superlative restaurant by Chef Sven Wassmer and his wife Amanda Wassmer Bulgin. Working together they have received two Michelin stars and 18 Gault Millau points in no time at all.

7132 Silver restaurant

Plan around three hours for this gourmet experience, which consists of 9 or 12 courses of the surprise menu (there is no à la carte option). Make sure you reserve a table close to the big windows because the view is stunning – It will be easier if you are in bigger groups as these tables are bigger.

Creative cuisine. Reservation needed – Reserve a table and see opening hours here.

Chef Sven Wassmer

– 7132 Red Restaurant

A classic that is all about familiar dishes freshly interpreted. By chef Ulf Bladt.

This is where we had our first dinner and where we tried a Salmon that I can still remember the taste. Very attentive service and sometimes “live cooking” at the table.

The tables close to the big windows are also the best in my opinion and are worthy a reservation.

Huge windows and stunning views

Breakfast is served here and we always had the help of super sympathetic Luigi Casadio – he knew our names even before we arrived and he made sure to meet all of our expectations – this meant even asking the chef to create an amuse bouche especially for me one night. So sweet!

MY salmon amuse bouche

Still about breakfast, it is served in several different sessions divided by type of food: breads, juices, fruits, sweets, Swiss cheese, Yogurts and so on. After all I have said about the hotel and if you followed my Stories on Instagram, you know that it was above any expectation, right?! Everything fresh, tasty and super pretty presentation. Don’t miss the cheese selection quite obvious but let me write and the typical Bircher Müsli.

Yummy breakfast

– 7132 DaPápa

Welcome to the best pizza place and Salumi in Vals. Italian hospitality and delicious pizza in a very typical and sweet ambience. Totally relaxed and we love it – Imagine that my pizza had fresh Burrata from Italy. And there is nothing else I need to add. Haha!

Pizza with fresh burrata

– 7132 Blue Bar

Our favourite place to end the night, sip some cocktails, champagne, good wine and some snacks. Last but not least, the Jazz sessions were the best and happened every night during our stay. There is a beautiful Steinway on sight.

Best jazz nights happen here

– Room Service

We ordered one night and well, I hardly post about it but this was so so yummy that I want to share my risotto with you.

Amazing room service risotto


7132 Shop is where you will find the most stylish souvenirs from the region, Aesop care products and high-quality ESPA products as well as magazines and books about architecture.

In search of style?

Try the famous nut gateau and enjoy the unique design of the place while having a coffee. It is right beside of the architecture exhibition.

7132 Shop

Ah! And this is not part of the hotel but have a look at the entrance hall of the building beside of the shop! It is beautiful and has plenty of cool furniture from the 70’s.


It is definitely worth it to explore the surroundings of the hotel. Not only the little village is full of charm and personality, the whole area is very unique. I have been to many Alpine places before but this is nothing similar to what I had seen in other trips.

Alpine mood

Even more special are the lake (Zervreilasee) and the mountains, specially the Zervreilahorn. The road to get to the top of the Alps is marvelous and has some interesting points like a “never ending” tunnel inside a mountain. The view is very beautiful and there was a lot of snow in April.


Other than that there is a cable car offering amazing views and many types of winter sports.

The famous Villa Vals, that has been all around on TV and Netflix can be reached by walking distance from the hotel as well.

Famous Villa Vals is a short walking distance from the hotel


All year long! It is amazing when snowing, when it is sunny… so pretty!

Always time to enjoy such a place


– By car via Chur and Flims to Illanz. From Illanz it is another 20 km to the 7132 Hotel. Parking is complimentary.

– By air via Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern, Lugano, Altenrhein.

– By helicopter or limousine: 7132 Hotel has its own limousines and a helicopter. Transfer can be organised from home in Switzerland (nearest landing point) or from an international airport in Switzerland. The limousine or helicopter transfer is included for guests staying in the penthouse suites.

This is all folks! Time to go to bed and to dream about my return to 7132 Hotel. I hope you are travelling with me via @marineira on Instagram!



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